Saturday, June 6, 2009

Documentary on Warfaze

Warfaze is a popular hard rock and heavy metal band in Bangladesh both in the underground and mainstream scene.The band was formed in 1984. Kamal, Mir, Hell, Naimul and Bappy started a line up and after a very short time Tipu joined the band as drummer and band leader. They started the journey to do some real good hard rock and heavy metal music in Bangladesh in the old days where people used to listen only to pop, folk etc kind of music.They introduced the mass people to the sound of bengali hard rock for the first time. Soon they became very popular.

The band Warfaze is thought to be the pioneer of today's heavy metal bands and inspiration of todays many underground bands. The band's most popular albums are Warfaze, released in 1991, Abak Bhalobasa in 1994, Jibandhara in 1996, Asamajik in 1998, Alo in 2000 and Moharaj in 2003.Till now the band Warfaze has gone through many changes in the line up but yet producing good quality of music.The current line up is...

Guitar - Kamal
Guitar2 - Oni
Vocal - Mizan
Keyboards - Shams (Backing Vocal)
Bass - Roger (Metal Maze)
Drums - Tipu (Percussion)

Now my words are not strong enough to depict a band that's stayed for more than 25 years into the hearts of bangladeshi music lovers.So here is my little effort to documentary the legendary band Warfaze. All of these Photos were captured in BUET in the occasion of "level completion of Batch 05" & "Civil festival".

Before starting the concert...tuning going on

Warfaze kicks off the show with their popular song " Hotasha "

Rocking Hard: featuring Oni

Mizan the vocal of Warfaze performing "Shomoy"

Kamal & Roger delivering ear-searing heavy metal music

Tipu caught in the frame while performing "Oshamajik"

Warfaze Performing "Ekti chele"

Oni doing his Solo part.....

Drummer tipu playing the blood pumping drum beats

Warfaze mesmerizing the crowd with their striking performance

Kamal the master of also very popular in the underground scene

Jamming of Guitar gurus

Wardfaze performing "Jibondhara"

Oni in action (1)

Oni in Action (2)

Oni in action (3)

Roger the bassist of warfaze

Roger showing his bass dexterity

Shams is the keyboardist of Warfaze....he also plays the role of back vocal.

Keyboardist Shams creating magic behind the keyboard

Warfaze performing their last song of the show...."Moharaz"