Saturday, January 10, 2009

Autumn in Brahmaputra river

And once again it was autumn in Mymensingh. I couldn’t control myself to have a look at my beloved Brhamaputra river’s new look at my favorite season. So I was counting my days, waiting to have a break from the boring classes. And when I got the vacation for the holy Ramadan I didn’t waste a single moment in Dhaka, straight way I came back to Mymensingh (my home town).

The very next day I went for a outing with my friends at the Brahmaputra River which is only 4 min walk from my house. And not to mention I was fascinated to see the new look of the Brahmaputra river. There were Kashfuls every where at the bank of the river. And the dramatic sky reminded us that it was only the sky of autumn.

Magnificent view from the bank of the Brahmaputra River.

Floating boat in Brahmaputra River

We hired a boat to go to the other bank of the river which took us only 10 minutes. By the mean time we enjoyed the view of Bhrammaputra River. The sun was not too hot and wind was also favorable which made our journey very comfortable. The clouds were dancing in the sky. I never saw such dramatic sky in my life .

A view from the boat

After reaching the other side of the river we walked along the side of the river. When we reached close to the kashful we became almost blind by its beauty. We enjoyed the gift of the autumn very much. I got some snaps of the Kashful.

Walking under Autumn clouds


Beauty of Autumn (1)

Beauty of Autumn (2)

River kids having fun in heaven

The very next day I couldn’t help myself to go to the same place. So I packed my camera bag and called my friends to go there once again. This time we found some kids on the shore catching fishes. When I started to shoot them the all became very happy to see me and requested me to shoot pictures of them. So I shoot some pictures of them. It was really enjoyable spending some time with them. I would love to the same place again and again.Take a look at the pictures........

Life at Brahmaputra River

Kinds collecting and sorting the fishes

Kids running towards me realizing i was shooting them!

Running towards the river (1)

Running toward the river (2)

Basking in the sun

Happy faces

Autumn time fun.

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