Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ramna Park

It is actually a shame that i never visited the famous Ramna park with in my 1.5 years of University life.The shame would would have actually lasted longer if it weren't for Tanim bhai. Last year (2008)in November our classes were over and 2 week long preparatory leave (PL)for exam was about to start. But i was looking for a bit relief rather than sitting straight for studying. So I asked my close big brother (Tanim bhai) from our Department for companionship (and also for security...:)...i never take the risk to go to unknown places alone with my camera).

It was a early November morning. We met in front of Tanim bhais dormitory and started the journey.We entered the park around 6.40 am.

Among very few Parks of Dhaka City Ramna Park is one of them. This park serves as a lung of the City. The park, established originally by the Mughal emperors in 1610, was later developed by the British colonial rulers and local Nawabs in the 19th Century.This park contains a lake and many varieties of trees.Among them many are rare ones and safe nests for the birds.The people of Dhaka city come here to get a bit of relief from the hectic Urban life.

We walked along the pathways adorned with natural beauty.The tranquility and peace of morning in Ramna Park is great which is also quite impossible to imagine in a city like Dhaka. The green scenario of the park is very refreshing. The sun was flickering through the leaves of the tree. I tried to capture the rays with my camera.

People were jogging and doing exercise.These people come here to keep themselves fit.Women in large group doing exercising can also be found.Many old people also come here early in the morning. They come, gossip, do exercise. The jogging continued till 8.30 am. After that things started to loosen up as many of them had to go to their work-place.

Here are some of the moments that I captured that day.....

People working out early in the morning.......

People jogging early in the morning in Ramna Park

To stay fit.......

In search of healthy soul, mind and body......


Morning time pleasure

Bathing in the morning rays

Dance of Light and Shadows

We stood there for about 1.45hr. After that we came back to our Dormitory. It was a good experience to visit a refreshing place like Ramna Park. I have a plan to go there again and do a documentary about the situation condition and lifestyles of Ramna Park.

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