Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lalakhal, Sylhet

A few days me and some of my friends went to visit Sylhet. But we actually barely got out of the Rest-room that we stayed because of the unusual hot weather. But we still managed to visit a couple of tea estaes, Jaflong and Lalakhal. Many of you know about Jaflong. So I am not going to tell you about the captivating beauty of jaflong.I would rather like to depict about a charming place "Lalakhal"- a place not commonly visited. . Lalakhal can be reached by turning right side while going towards Jaflong which is 6-7 km from the main road.The road towards lalkhal isn't much pleasing though as it is not paved and very undulated .To some other people this place seem very usual
but the mother nature and tranquility of the small place won my heart. The green bluish color of the water will just blow your mind. You can enjoy boat ride there. When you cross the lake you will come across a tea estate . The vast tea estate and calmness of the tea area are worth enjoying.We have heard from the locals that the tea easte is 5-6km long...couldn't varyify the truth of the locals statement as we stayed there for only one hour. Wish we could stay there atleast one night. Those who want to stay there they can contact with the manager of the Tea estate. I wish to visit the place in the near future.